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PHOTO STOCK: Fisheye Vista of Iglesia de La Merced by RUDY GIRON

Fisheye Vista of Iglesia de La Merced

Today I am happy to share with you the dramatic fisheye vista of the inside of Iglesia de Nuestra Señora de La Merced, or simply known as La Merced church… TAP to see the full size photograph and post.

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Vista from Iglesia de La Merced at Night

Nearly ten years ago I promised I would share with you in a daily basis slices of quotidian life from La Antigua Guatemala and its surrounding areas. I hope you still enjoy these slides of daily life from this charming colonial town on the high lands of Central America… let me know either way.

Iglesia de la Merced Dome

On September 1st I brought to you the main entrance to Iglesia de la Merced (Church of Mercy). Here you have another …

Calle del Arco May Turn Into a Pedestrian Passageway

Calle del Arco is Turning Into a Pedestrian Pathway

Yesterday I noticed how the municipal transit police closed completely the one block where the Arco de Santa Catalina is located. Honestly, they should have turned the entire strip of 5a avenida, from Parque Central to Iglesia de La Merced, into a pedestrian pathway, don’t your agree?

Christmas Lights Decorations at Calle del Arco

Christmas Lights Decorations at Calle del Arco

The last week of November municipal employees were busy installing the Christmas light decorations through out the city. The angel wings illuminate Calle del Arco from Parque Central to Iglesia de La Merced… TAP to see the full size photo and post.

Fisheye View of the Corridors of Compañía de Jesús by RUDY GIRON

Fisheye View of the Corridors of Compañía de Jesús

I can’t believe in all these years I have not shared with you a fisheye view of all the Former College of the Jesuit Society, Antiguo Colegio de La Compañía de Jesús as we call it in Spanish… TAP to see the full size photo and post!

Antique Door of Antigua Guatemala

Antique Door of Antigua Guatemala

Every block of Antigua Guatemala provides opportunities to capture fabulous doorways. I was already hook on doorways from Antigua Guatemala before I …

Iglesia La Merced at Dawn

Here are some of the Christmas lights installed at Iglesia de La Merced in Antigua Guatemala. The really colorful lights were off …

Weekend Vistas At Calle del Arco

On the weekends and holidays, Calle del Arco is turned into a pedestrian path. Honest, I don’t understand why they don’t make …

Buñuelos: Guatemalan Comfort Foods for December

Guatemalan buñuelos are kind like round French toast and they are served with a lot hot syrup made from water, sugar, anís (anise), cinnamon sticks, all-spice just to name the main ingredients.

Buñuelos are one of the most popular Guatemalan comfort foods for December. If you follow the white rabbit, you can browse some of the other comfort foods found at town fairs in December; of course, some of these comfort foods are found all year round.

Church of La Merced Revisited

The last time I showed you La Merced church from this perspective I forgot to include this vertical shot, which has a …

Arch-framed Volcán de Agua

Yesterday’s shot of the Arch of Santa Catalina was taken from the South looking towards the North, with the main dome of …

Weekend Scene at Calle del Arco

The two blocks from the 5a avenida norte (5th North Avenue) that separate El Parque Central (Main Plaza) and the La Iglesia de La Merced (church) are known as the Calle del Arco (the Arch Street) and the weekends this strip becomes a pedestrian’s throughway. In my humble opinion, the whole city should turn the streets in pedestrian only walkways before it’s too late.

Virgin of Guadalupe Celebrations in La Antigua Guatemala

In La Antigua Guatemala, religious celebrations draw together all kinds of heterogeneous people and the feast day of Virgin of Guadalupe is no exception. In the day of La Virgen de Guadalupe, Our Lady of Guadalupe, you can find gringa mamas, indigenous mamas, ladino mamas and white mamas all taking their children dressed with indigenous clothes to visit the altar of La Virgen Morena. In many cases you have grandmas and the whole family taking part of the visit to Virgin of Guadalupe inside Iglesia de la Merced.

Look at the doves, sweetie!

You know, whenever you encounter doves, children by an atrium of a church or park, you know your chances of a photo …

Street Foods — Charbroiled Meats

Guatemalans love charbroiled meats; that’s why you see street vendors selling carnes asadas everywhere you go in Guatemala. Here’s a vendor selling …

Portrait of a Painter at Work

Last Saturday, while having lunch with Eric, one of the loyal readers of AntiguaDailyPhoto.Com, at the restaurant without a name where you …

Selling folk-art on the park

Many indigenous women earn their living by selling folk-art on the parks. This photo was taken at Iglesia de la Merced in …

Sabor cubano sign

Slowly but surely Cubans are building a community in Antigua. Here you see the sign for Sabor Cubano Restaurant (4a calle oriente …