WI-FI Around Antigua Guatemala

Wifi at Bagel Barn

La Antigua Guatemala, despite its name (Old Guatemala City) and its architecture, is a modern city with cutting-edge technologies like Wireless Internet Connections (Wi-Fi for short) as I wrote in the Wireless Knife Sharpener entry, back in June 27th. Too bad not many people feel safe to use the free wireless connections that are available throughout that many coffee shops and restaurants around Antigua.

As Guy said in his Blog Diablogico, “In a matter of days I will be in a less protected area where quite natural behaviours, like walking around with an expensive computer, are likely to result in a violent death. I’m sure that the free wireless internet at Pollo Campero is a cunning ruse to get the laptop users out in the open where they can be picked off more easily!”

It would really be nice to be able to eat your bagel while drinking a cup of the best coffee in the world while you check on the latest photos of the Daily Photo Cities wirelessly with a WI-FI connection in your laptop and feel safe about walking out of the sandwich joint, like the Bagel Barn.

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