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Coffee, Bagels and Free Wifi

The Bagel Barn is a popular venue in La Antigua Guatemala for getting a bagel sandwich, great coffee and checking your email. …

Coffee, Bagels and WIFI in La Antigua Guatemala

The Bagel Barn is one of those rare places that offer magnificent coffee, light and tasteful bagel sandwiches and free WIFI so you can update your blog or site if you bring a laptop with wireless connection. I showed the Bagel Barn blackboard menu before to talk about WIFI access points throughout Antigua Guatemala. Free WIFI access points —wireless internet access for those who don’t know what wifi is— are actually available in many restaurants and cafes around Antigua. You can check you email, look at some photos on Flickr or watch videos on Youtube, on Pollo Campero, McDonald’s, Burger King and other small bistros. Boy! how I wish I had a new laptop.

La Casaca Coffee Shop

Since several people were interested to know more about La Casaca shown yesterday in the entry entitled Having Breakfast in Antigua Guatemala I decided …

WI-FI Around Antigua Guatemala

La Antigua Guatemala, despite its name (Old Guatemala City) and its architecture, is a modern city with cutting-edge technologies like Wireless Internet …