What about the Quetzal Jade?

green jade earrings

According to Wikipedia, translucent emerald-green jadeitite is the most prized variety of jade both now and historically. Quetzal jade, or translucent emerald-green jadeitite, was treasured by Mesoamerican cultures. Guatemala and Burma are the principal sources of modern gem jadeitite.

All the jadeite in Mesoamerica, used by the Olmec, Maya, and all other cultures since ca 3,000 AD, comes from the Motagua river valley in Guatemala, and it was one of the most valuable objects in those cultures, a bead of Jade was worth 2 loads of gold for instance. The Spaniards, thirsty for gold, did not appreciate it. Mining stopped and the sources were forgotten until the 1940’s. Today, Guatemala produces fine jadeite in colors that range from soft translucent lilac, blue, green, yellow, and creamy, brilliant black; and is the source of new colors such as “rainbow jade,” and the unique “Galactic Gold,” a black jadeite with natural incrustations of gold, silver and platinum. (Source: Jade at Mesoamerica from Wikipedia)

I am sorry the light or my poor skills behind the camera did not allow me to capture the different shades of green. I will come back soon to the subject of Guatemalan jade, I promise.

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