Glimpse into a Guatemalan Bicycle Repair Shop

Bike Repair Shop

Normally, I try to publish clean, with almost no visual noise, photographs as in Shadow Casting Lamp, the wallpaper series, Palo de Izote Tree and Arches reflected on Tanque de la Unión. This is an extremely difficult task when you live in a part of the world which is very noisy, both visual and audio; but, I had managed to catch a few. The photograph above, however, is the exact opposite. A photograph with so many details that one can easily spend 10 minutes just trying to look at every nook and cranny.

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Cultural and Language Side Note:
The No se da fiado sign could be translated as “no credit card accepted” for the poor and lower middle classes. It literally means “no work or service to be done on credit”. This little sign can be found in many small shops and convenience stores.

Normally you need less words in English to say the same thing as you do in Spanish. But there some instances where the opposite is true. The No se da fiado sign is one good example. Other examples are the G&T Insurance slogan: No le falla which translate as the insurance that does not let you down and sí­ sé as yes I know; Sí­ Sé is, by the way, also the name of one of my favorite eclectic latin jazz meets electronic bands. Check out the sample songs and videos at Sí­*Sé site, especially The Truth.

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