Holy Week Elements: The Churches

Semana Santa Elements: The Last Procession

Byron Ortiz made it possible to get a real sense of Semana Santa (Holy Week) through his photos —7 of the over 100 images in his Holy Week archives—. La Antigua Guatemala Daily Photo is very grateful for allowing the usage of his photos here.

Churches serve as terminals from which processions depart or arrive. Churches also serve as home-base for all the brotherhoods of cucuruchos and sisterhoods. Churches also put their best face for the Holy Week and many get a paint job and/or restoration works in the weeks prior to Semana Santa.

With this photo we wave goodbye to Semana Santa and to Holy Week’s processions. I was told the last procession, the Resurrection (Resurección) procession comes out on Easter Sunday (today) a 6 a.m. and its back in the church by 10 in the morning. But, before we say our farewells, I bring to you the photo of a procession as it nears its entrance to the cathedral. You can see Antigua Guatemala’s Cathedral in the background with a procession and its followers in the foreground. If this is your first time around here you can click the following posts to get an idea of what this place looks like during the day. It is also a good idea to click in the photo above to see thousands of candles and the all the details.

  1. Antigua’s Cathedral and Volcán de Agua
  2. Antigua’s Cathedral at Sunset
  3. Illuminated Antigua’s Cathedral at twilight
  4. Requiem for the Rain
  5. Antigua Guatemala’s Cathedral
  6. Taxis at Antigua’s Cathedral

You can view all the photos of churches published in the Antigua Guatemala Daily Photo by clicking the link or by browsing the Atriums & Churches category on the sidebar.

Can somebody tell me how many church buildings are in Antigua Guatemala and how many of them are still used as churches? Hint, the information is in the archives of this site.

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