May 10th: Mother’s Day in Guatemala

Cowgirl Mom and Cowboy Kid

Mother’s Day is celebrated in Guatemala on May 10th. Where do Guatemalans take their mom to dine on her day? But of course, to Pollo Campero. I decided to go there and see if I could snatch a shot for you, but I was too shy. The Pollo Campero restaurant was very busy with moms going in and out of the place; there were many good photo opts, but I felt like I was intruding, so I only took one overall shot of the scene (a bit blurry at that).

Today I am also breaking the daily photo rule by publishing three photographs about three different kinds of Guatemalan moms. Regardless of all the inter-country or international adoptions or The Baby Flight as Dr. Karen S. Rotabi calls it, there are still plenty of loving and caring moms in Guatemala. I am showing only three today, but there are many more.

The cowgirl mom above is helping his cowboy kid get ready for a horsemanship show. The urban rocker mom takes her daughter to Jamtigua International Music Festival and bonds with her while listening to the haunting music of Ranferí­ Aguilar and his Rain Maker concert. Last but not least, we have the indigenous mom hurrying up with her daughter while doing some errands. The last photo was published before under the title Let’s go mija, we are going to be late… on August 21st, 2006.

The group that suffers the most with inter-country adoptions is, of course, the indigenous population since their offspring and descendants are taken away to live in far away lands under a different culture and different lifestyles. Guatemalan indigenous population are descendants from the Maya and thus Amerindians or the original peoples of the American continent. By taken away the children from these very close indigenous tribes, something very important is lost. But what the heck, we are living in global economy world with a zillion free trade agreements so there are no speed bumps to the flow of money towards the north. Why shouldn’t humans be part of this flow? Why should only immigrants who can pay their coyote be allowed to suffer the American Dream? Isn’t it the destiny of the peoples this planet to be all and only mestizos (mixed)? Is there any benefit to diversity, really?

I leave you with the questions above to ponder.

To all the visiting moms, I wish them a very happy Guatemalan Mother’s Day! To my own mother Lidia, now living in Las Vegas, I send all my loving through this entry.

Urban Mom and her daughter

mother and daughter strolling

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