Fine for a Family of Four

Fine for Family of Four

This reckless image can be seen often in La Antigua Guatemala, where motorcycles are fast becoming the most popular vehicle (thanks to Mr. Bush). I have seen four people, or even five people, in a single two-wheel motorcycle; two adults and two or three children. So as you can see in the photo above, a motorcycle is fine for a family of four.

Is this something you can photograph in your home town?

Economic/Political Side Note: In 2001 when we arrived to Guatemala the cost of a gallon of gasoline was around Q12 (Q is short for Quetzales, the Guatemalan currency) or about US$1.50 at the exchange rate of Q8 per US$1. Then, Bush took the U.S. to two wars (or invasions, depends who you read) and the price of gasoline began to climb. Today, in Guatemala the price of the same gallon of gasoline is around Q27 or US$3.56 at Q7.58 per US$1 (minimum wage in Guatemala is about US$5.25 per day). The world is less safer (remember Madrid and London). The U.S. has become one of the worst offenders and violators of Human Rights as seen in all the evidence in the Guantanamo prisoners and in Iraq. More than two hundred thousand innocent people have died in Iraq, and who knows how many more in Afghanistan. The same question for the number of dead soldiers from the U.S., Spain, U.K. and others. The whole planet is warmer and more catastrophic; The dollar has devalued against many currencies in Latin America, making the cost of fuels even more expensive. Okay, I know, Bush’s wars are only part of the cause; a big part I may add.

This increase in fuel costs are probably the main cause for the popularity of motorcycles, Tuk Tuks motor taxis and bicycles as means of transportation. I hope this clarifies to many visitor from the U.S. why your decisions at election time are so important to your neighbors down south and elsewhere. You vote, we suffer the consequences!

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