Café Y tu Piña También plus WIFI

Café Y tu piña también

Wi-Fi access is becoming so wide spread around Antigua Guatemala that soon you may be able to stand in any corner and get two or three free access points. Y tu piña también is yet another unique coffee house which serves rich aromatic Antigua coffee, Guatemalan licuados (fresh fruit smoothies) with piquete from a wide selection of mezcal shots, fresh fruits and vegetable salads, cookies, exotic pastries and Wi-Fi access so you can check the daily photos from around the world; all while listening to the best selection of world music.

Boy oh boy, bagels, English muffins, exotic pastries, all the cookies in the rainbow, the best coffee and Wi-Fi internet access can almost make you forget you are in a Spanish colonial town embedded between coffee plantations, flower farms and volcanoes in the central mountain range of this tiny banana baby-exporting republic known as Guatemala.

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