Coffee, Bagels and WIFI in La Antigua Guatemala

Bagel Barn and WIFI Spot

The Bagel Barn is one of those rare places that offer magnificent coffee, light and tasteful bagel sandwiches and free WIFI so you can update your blog or site if you bring a laptop with wireless connection. I showed the Bagel Barn blackboard menu before to talk about WIFI access points throughout Antigua Guatemala. Free WIFI access points —wireless internet access for those who don’t know what wifi is— are actually available in many restaurants and cafes around Antigua. You can check you email, look at some photos on Flickr or watch videos on Youtube, on Pollo Campero, McDonald’s, Burger King and other small bistros. Boy! how I wish I had a new laptop.

The photo above is not very good, but I sure you can still see the metal coffee-bean back on the chairs. Is WIFI freely available in your hometown?

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  • Finally Internet (Because I can have Internet only the weekend and the public holidays), I can visit your blog. This weekend I present Martel in version black and white. I prefer the photographs in b&w and you?
    My blog photographs on the town of Martel

  • Hi Rudy, yes, WIFI is available in Boston. Go to, say, Starbucks and you’ll see one or two laptops per table. It’s amazing and very depressing. People don’t talk to each other anymore, they just sit there with their computers and iPods. Humans are turning into something I don’t like.

  • i know people here can use lap tops but as far as i know it isn’t free. they have to buy cards. i think it is like a cell phone calling card. i don’t know much about lap tops. i have seen people come to Tyson and in the break room they would use their lap tops.

  • Jerry

    I too want a new laptop, but I will have to wait. Maybe work some overtime. I have been to the Bagel Barn, too. My aunt and I had lunch here one day. Wi-fi is available in many coffeshops and resturants here, and almost all hotels. There is some discussion of it becoming available in the entire town.

    I enjoy the banter of your site, but agree that everyone is entitled to their opinion. I think the discussions are interesting, but we all do not have to agree and think the same way. However, this is a wonderful photo blog, not a political forum that requires a concensus. Keep up the good work and don’t hesitate to stir things up a bit occasionally.

  • You make me angry 🙂 Wi-fi… we’re waiting fo Wi-Max (wide range = 40Km of operativity) and, in the meantime there are few internet centre where people pay (not cheap) to connect to the net… Ah, Antigua, wait for me!

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  • Doc

    Bagel Barn’s wifi is free, but not very reliable; I haven’t been able to get a working connection there.
    El Viejo charges 50Q minimum purchase to use their wifi! That’s extortion!

    What’s up with Antigua? Wifi is all over Xela, and free in just about every place. They also keep their networks secure and give out the password on request. One more point for the Occident 😛