Guatemalan Fair: Fresh Fruit Stall

Fresh Fruits Stand at the San Pedro Las Huertas Fair

After all the pounds we have gained this week at the San Pedro Las Huertas Fair, it is nice to come across some healthy food. For Q5 ($0.65) we can take any fresh fruit bags and we will need the savings since we already lost quite a few Quetzales at the others fair stands. Now, even though I have shown all these Guatemalan fair food and even describe it as tasteful and delicious, I don’t want to pass it as healthy. Fair food is junk food. I am so glad these fair food vendors have not come across the Super Size Me concept!

A question for you guys. I still have 5 for more photos related to the Guatemalan town fair, but maybe you already had enough of the Guatemalan fair series. Would you like me to continue or to turn onto something else tomorrow… maybe some nice touristic shots of La Antigua Guatemala? It is to you.

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