Theme Day: Typical Breakfast

Guatemalan Breakfast

I almost forgot today is theme day for the City Daily Photo community and that La Antigua Guatemala Daily Photo is participating. The theme for today is a “typical breakfast” and since I did not remember to photograph what I had this morning I have to go back to the archives to find a typical Guatemalan breakfast. The photo above is the Pollo Campero fast-food version of the typical Guatemalan breakfast.

Basically, the Guatemalan breakfast includes black beans, eggs, coffee and maize tortillas or bread; it may also include fried plantain, cream, creese, Guatemalan longaniza (sausage) and chirmol sauce. The black beans can be served parados or whole, revueltos or refried and licuados or liquified. The eggs can be served sunny side up like the picture above, boiled or scrambled.

This version of the Chapin breakfast is called: Huevos Divorciados (Divorced eggs) because it has two sunny-side-up eggs, each with its own sauce. The green sauce is made with miltomate (tomatillos) and the red sauce with regular roma tomatoes. More on Latin American salsas (sauces) on Wikipedia. Bon appetite!

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