The Best Fiambre in the World

The Best Fiambre in the World

Really. Honest. Well, maybe.

Certainly this is one of the most exotic dishes in the Guatemalan cuisine menu.

This picture is dedicated to Manolo who is having a hard time finding fiambre in Toronto. This fiambre picture is also dedicated to all those Guatemalans living abroad, who today will be missing the fiambre and all the stuff that comes with it. For those of you crazy enough, I made a close-up fiambre wallpaper (1600×1200) for you computer. Believe it or not, I feel for you all.

I don’t know why the word salad brings all kinds of vegetables to mind. Fiambre is a salad, but it mostly has meats, all kinds: sausages, hams, chicken, sea food, meats pork and beef. It is Domino’s or Pizza Hut that has a meat lover’s pizza with a mere 5 meat. Move over meat lover’s pizza; fiambre has over 25 meats.

If you want to see how this meal is prepared, check out last year’s fiambre slide show.

We will continue with the kite flying rituals and meaning tomorrow. Stay tune!

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