Grilling and Barbequing Time in Antigua

Grilling and Barbequing Time

The weather gods decided long time ago to sent into exile the fascist dictator of Cold to the vast lands of maple leaves and bacon; originally known as Kanata. Thanks to the wise weather gods, in Guatemala any time of the year is good for grilling and barbequing and to meet with friends for what is known locally as El Chuparrasco (chupa for drinking and rrasco, short for churrasco or barbequing). Nevertheless, I have said several times that the dried season, or rainless, that goes from the end of October to end of April is the best weather in Guatemala (which covers part of the Fall, full Winter and part of the Spring seasons). Well, if I had to pick one month as the best to visit La Antigua Guatemala, I would pick February. See, in February we have the Carnival, Ash Wednesday, the beginning of Lent, San Valentine’s Day (Dí­a del cariño), the best temperate weather, Silvio Rodrí­guez in Concert (at least this year for the first time ever), just to mention a few highlights for the month of love.

Ojalá is the Spanish word for ‘I hope [that]’ or ‘God willing’ or Insha’Allah which is the etymology for the Spanish word. Ojalá is also the name for one of Silvio Rodrí­guez songs. Ojalá one day you and I can share a chuparrasco. Ojalá you can tell me what famous folk singer from the U.S. wrote a song about Silvio Rodrí­guez?! Ojalá you enjoy this song below.

A few decades earlier…

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