Ice-capped Volcanoes in La Antigua Guatemala

ice-capped volcanoes and santo hermano pedro

Sometimes you just have to ask yourself what kind of strange brew are the Canadians brewing way up north, heh. See, first they steal our bright minds; then they take our gold and buy out our postal service; they insert strange things into our antigüeño breakfast (bacon they call it); even our money is now Canadian (it reads Canadian Bank Note on the brand-new Quetzal bills); just to name a few things. In return they send salsa-dancing-craze Spanish students and the horrible and hostile weather. Come on, this is Guatemala, a tropical country in Central America, you know, the tiny land that impedes the Caribbean Island from moving over the Pacific Ocean. So what business does it have freezing-cold-ice-capping winds in La Antigua Guatemala. See, we don’t need no stinking ice-capped mountains and volcanoes in our gorgeous temperate-always-sun-shining-eternal-spring weather. Those volcanoes you see in the background are ice-capped (see larger image).

We will most definitely need stricter migration rules for all things Canadian; don’t you think so? 😉

© 2008 – 2013, Rudy Giron. All rights reserved.

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  • Au contraire, the world needs more Canada (or was it Guatemala, I don’t remember who came up with the slogan first, Bono (sorry couldn’t find the CBC link to the story) or <a href=””?GuateAmala?)
    I get your post, but don’t know how it can be a response to the other one… 😕
    On the other hand, Guatemala is not a “tropical” country, but don’t get me started with the “is not” thing, because that is the main similarity I have encountered between Canadian and Guatemalan identity, and thus, I might be “chiflado de nacimiento”, but I don’t have split personality, particularly not in my latest release.

  • Nice pic. Definitivamente los vientos han hecho estragos, pero tambien hay que disfrutar una tacita de atol blanco, sus frijolitos y su chilito para alivianar la goma y el frio…

    Ni modo, Canada vino a Guatemala para quedarse…



  • m


    I live in Guatemala and i never saw them like this!

    Great photo!

  • nice photo.

  • Chad


  • LD

    Uh oh… looks like we canadienses are ruining everything Guatemalan. Next thing you know, we’ll buy out the Gallo beer factory, eh?

    As someone who lived in Xela for a long time and experienced several chilly winters (which Guatemalans sometimes referred to as “verano” or summer), and also spent a long cold night in an Antigua funeral home (that’s another story), the whole “Eternal Spring” slogan may be talking about a Canadian-style Spring. That means snow and cold.

    Now when’s the international trade going to move in the other direction and send some Guatemala here to Canada?

  • LD, oh no, we rather give up El Petén than give our Gallo beer, eh! Come on, you know that, we gave up something as big as Belize for an imaginary railroad. 😉

  • carlos

    hi i live en antigua nice my town i love very much because is famos around the world

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  • Anne Gerhardt

    You might have snow-capped volcanoes, but you also have the most absolutely gorgeous light! Beautiful picture, Rudy.

    • Well, to be fair and honest, we only had snow for a few hours, less than a day, but the gorgeous light we do have it most of the time. 😉