Guatemalan Alligators in the Brink of Extinction

Guatemalan Lagarto (crocodile) Bread

That’s right, these poor fellas will be history pretty soon!

This variation of the Guatemalan bread is known locally as lagartos (alligators) and they are sold for about Q15/US$2 a piece. The bread is semi-sweet and works especially well for dunking in your hot cup of Guatemalan chocolate.

By the way, did you guys know that chocolate is native to Guatemala and the the Maya realm. Even though the word chocolate comes from the Nahuatl language and it means ‘bitter drink’ since that’s what it tasted like before Europeans added sugar to it. Chocolate comes from the cacao tree, a short little tree that looks like a papaya tree.

See you later alligator; not for a while crocodile!

Without Internet Access Side Note: My apologies for not being able to publish the corresponding photos for the past weekend due the fact that my internet access provider left me no choice. They were down the whole weekend. Of course, they will not apply a discount for this disruption.

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