Guatemalan Cuisine: Atol de Habas and Dobladas

Guatemalan Cuisine: Atol de Habas and Dobladas

Sorry MO, you were cheated out of the morning refacción! 🙁

For those worry about being served your atol in styrofoam cups and dishes, let tell you not to worry, they still have the ceramic bowls, glasses and cups and plastic dishes. The only reason all the photos in this series were served in styrofoam cups is because I requested them to go. I don’t think they would let me borrow the ceramics bowls to take into my office. Sorry guys for the confusion… worry not you can still chismear (gossip) with the other people at the puesto de atoles.

Today’s entry is atol de habas. Habas are broad beens. Next to the atol de habas, I present dobladas de chicharrón (pork rind maize wraps). Bon Appetite!

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