Vegetarian Hamburger at Casa del Flan Antigüeño

Vegetarian Hamburger at Casa del Flan Antigüeño

A couple of weeks ago I showed the Beer and Hamburger Combo from Flan Antigüeño and I mentioned how Guatemalans have a tendency to adopt foreign foods quite easily. Well, I know I pay little attention to vegetarians when it comes to taking photos of food, but believe, you can be a very happy vegetarian in Guatemala.

You can actually enjoy all the levels of vegetarianism in Guatemala. For instance, this bagel with salad and baked eggplant inside is call the vegetarian hamburger at Casa del Flan Antigüeño, if you can believe that… a bagel and no meat takes on the name of hamburger. Like the hamburger and beer combo, you can also have this veggie bagel sandwich with salad, fries and beer… always ask for draft dark beer or Moza.

Now, as amazing as this sandwich looks, believe it when I tell you this was not the highlight of my lunch hour. The main dish was really a tasteful conversation with Carolyn, a long-time supporter of LAGDP, who visited Guatemala from Minnesota not too long ago. So, a bagel vegetarian sandwich, french fries, draft Moza beer, house hot chili sauce, an engaging conversation, you can say it’s almost impossible to top that, right? Wrong, the gift of The Devine Husband: a novel by Francisco Goldman was the dulce dessert.

I think I better keep an eye on my calories/emotions intake 😉 since in a few weeks I will be having mixtas with mixtas with my epistolary friend el toronteco. I promised I will take photos of this particular Guatemalan rare and weird combination. 🙂

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