What Makes Guatemalans Hot?

Guatemalan Red Hot Chili Pepper: Chiltepe

There you go again thinking I am going to give you the recipe for Guatemalanness… wrong.

But, I can do share what with you what makes Guatemalans hot. It’s this little spermatozoid-shaped-like chili pepper known in Guatemala as chiltepe. In the entry for June 7th, 2006 you can see a chiltepe stand in Antigua’s market (some of you might remember it). In the first Shrimp Ceviche photo that I published, you can see the chiltepe pepper in action.

The photo above was taken in our garden/orchard and since it’s a horizontal shot, I say to myself why not it share it as a wallpaper. So, for those brave enough to have a red hot chili pepper chiltepe wallpaper on your computer, click here to download it at 1200×900 pixels.

Disclaimer: I will not be held responsible if the chiltepe wallpaper makes you hot. 😉

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