Instituto Normal para Señoritas Olimpia Leal Sign

Instituto Normal para Señoritas Olimpia Leal

More than once I have explained my method of taking photographs around La Antigua Guatemala. Back in April 23rd, 207, I explained how I was able to capture one of my better images entitled Monk in San Francisco El Grande Church by framing until I was happy with the photo and then waiting for the live ingredient. In Underneath a Holy Week Float in La Antigua Guatemala, I described my approach to finding new angles so I can present you with “new shots” from often-photographed subjects. In One Way to the Decisive Moment, I narrated how I negotiated my acrobatic skills over a slippery-when-wet stone to capture my best split-second photograph and paid tribute to Henri Cartier-Bresson. In The Tiny Story of Discrimination, Arrogance and Patronizing, I walked you through the process of getting ready and shooting a scene.

Often, I try to give you a behind-the-scenes description so you know how a given photo came to be. So, no Mo, I was not taken photos of unsuspecting people. The approach for the last four photos has been the same: 1. find the shot, 2. take several shots to decide the best framing and lighting conditions, 3. set the camera accordingly 4. wait for the fugitive element, 5. take as many shots as possible to capture the split-second gestures. In other words MO, I was already taking the shots when the people walked into the frame. 😉

Simple, isn’t it?

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