Traditional Guatemalan Cuisine Sampler

Traditional Guatemalan Cuisine Sampler

First of all, click the play button below. It’s the sound track for this entry.

It’s been a while since I presented you with a Guatemalan cuisine sampler, right? To be exact, it was February 19th, 2007 (go check it out).

We will have a little fun with this Guatemalan food sampler photo. ONE: Tell us how many of these dishes you have had. TWO: Name as many of the dishes above as you can recognize. THREE: Share with us the recipes for any of the dishes above. Simple, eh?

I am such a nice guy I am going to make this image available as a desktop wallpaper (1200×900) download for those sadomasochists Guatemalans living abroad or those brave enough to put it up on their computers.

Antojitos Soundtrack Aside: Antojitos (cravings) is the second track from a compilation of Guatemalan electronic music known as Democracia Sonora (click the link to download it). Last time I shared with you a track from this compilation was for the Chicken Bus and Driver’s Assistant entry with Zacatenango; a track with samplings of the many different call outs from the chicken buses. Antojitos, by Gabriel Quezada, is song with a similar approach of samplings of Guatemalan street food call outs. I hope you like it and download this wonderful and unique collection of Guatemalan electronic-genre music.

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