The Jocote Monument in Jocotenango

The Jocote Monument in Jocotenango

Today, for a mere random act, I ended up in Jocotenango and because we’ve talking and learning about jocotes, I remember to take a snapshot of the jocote monument at the entrance plaza in Jocotenango. The jocote monument is the giant jocote on top of the white pedestal, right after the flowers.

I am sure I was also influenced by all my recent readings of Rex’s presidential decrees. Rex, alias Rafael Romero, is the democratically elected president of Mulamala who also claims Jocotesburg (Jocotenango) as his birth place. Warning: before you head over the Mula que es uno (Mulamala) to read all the official presidential press releases, be aware of three things: (1) you need to have a great command of the Spanish language. (2) you need to have a large Guatemalan Spanish vocabulary at your disposal. (3) you need to have a lot of patience or understanding of the Guatemalan culture. (4) you need a handle on Guatemalan slang. (5) Rex’s language can be as colorfully offensive as the script for Pulp Fiction (that’s if you understand Spanish fairly well.) End of warning.

By the way, I have no idea why my minds tends to remember the most obscure trivia; like the fact the Rafael Romero was born in Jocotenango. Do you know why our memory works that way?

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