Guatemalan Cuisine: Fiambre

Guatemalan Cuisine: Fiambre

How can we go by Dí­a de todos los santos (All Saints’ Day) and Dí­a de los fieles difuntos (All Souls’ Day) celebrations in Guatemala without showing the world-famous and omnipresent dish of Fiambre. No way José, I would never do that, not for some crappy kites photos or commonplace shots of Volcán de Fuego erupting. Come on, you know me. I shared with you a Fiambre slide show in 2006 along with a pretty good explanation about its history and ingredients. Then, in 2007, I made available a Fiambre wallpaper for those who like really crazy stuff on their computers. 😉

So, of course I had to show you this year’s fiambre. Below you can read the list of ingredients if you click on the thumbnail. Bon appetite!

Guatemalan Fiambre Ingredients

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