Jocotenango’s Cathedral

Jocotenango's Cathedral

Those darn electrical wires! There they are again… getting in the way. ¡Son tan metiches!MO

I agree, but what can I do? I could edit them out in Photoshop, but then the photos would not be true document of the place. Also, next time you come to La Antigua Guatemala and take the same shot, you’re going to notice your photos have those darn electrical wires and think: damn it, those wires were not there before! 😉

I would never do that to you. Instead, I try to present the beauty of the wire webs we humans create. Don’t believe me? Well, check the following past entries:

By the way, in case you haven’t notice, Jocotenango’s Cathedral also received a new paint job since last time I showed you BMXing in Jocotenango.

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