Hugo’s Ceviches: Concha Seviche

Hugo's Ceviches: Concha Seviche

You can tell Ceviche is my favorite Guatemalan Cuisine dish if you search for the word ceviche or just browse the five photos of ceviches posted thus far. But I am not the only one, Guy from Inner Diablog, has as many entries dedicated to ceviche as I do. Both of us have even describe how to prepare ceviche:

Here’s what I wrote back in May 2006:

The Guatemalan ceviche is based on roma/plum tomatoes, onions, garlic, mint, cilantro, soy sauce, English sauce (Worcestershire sauce), lemon juice, hot peppers (chiltepe), seafood (shrimp and Guatemalan clamshell especially) and is usually served with cold beer (Gallo Beer)

Guy’s approach is dictated by the ingredients he can find in London.

Guatemalan ceviche, (Shrimp, juice of three limes, chopped onion, garlic and chillies, fresh coriander, dried oregano and plum tomatoes.) I skipped on the salsa inglesa (Worcestershire sauce) and you can’t get chiltepes in the UK. (continue reading…)

He’s so clever that he has even come up with a vegetarian’s ceviche that he calls ‘Naked Ceviche‘; in his words, “‘naked’ ceviches, which contain everything except the main ingredient, meat or seafood.”

By the way, I am sure that Guy will have something to say about today’s photo. In the picture above, you can see the small serving ceviche de concha for Q50 at Hugo’s ceviches, which can be found at their mobile locations of Alameda Santa Lucí­a (one block south of Pollo Campero), on the corner of Tanque de la Unión and at their restaurant located in the parking lot of the gas station on the Road to Ciudad Vieja road; right across from the Soleil hotel.

If you are interested, I can update this entry with my recipe for home-made style ceviche and even my own version of naked ceviche. Ceviche is one of the few recipes that you should be able to prepare anywhere in the world. Ten requests for the recipe and I will post it here.

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