Churros, Anyone, Anyone?

Churros, Anyone, Anyone?

Okay, here are the new Guatemalan Spanish words of the day: Churros, Poporopos, Plataninas, Papalinas.

Churros: A churreria is the place where they make churros; [CHOOR-roh] Similiar to a cruller, this Spanish, Mexican and Guatemalan specialty consists of a sweet-dough spiral that is deep-fried and eaten like a doughnut. Churros are usually coated with a mixture of cinnamon and confectioners’ (or granulated) sugar (source

Poporopos: This is the Guatemalan Spanish for pop corn. Most other Spanish-speaking countries use palomitas. I believe Guatemala is the only country that uses the word poporopos.

Plataninas: Basically, plataninas are green platano/plantains chips. Plantains are like bananas, but much bigger and with a unique flavor. Guatemalans eat platanos in many forms, like plataninas, rellenitos, fritos (fried), atol de platano, chairbroiled and baked; just to name a few.

Papalinas: This is the Guatemalan Spanish word for potato chips. Like poporopos, I don’t think papalinas is used in any other Spanish-speaking country.

It just occurred to me that the United States is one of the largest Spanish-speaking countries since it has one of the largest populations of Spanish speakers. Spanish has been spoken in the U.S. from a time before its independence. And at the rate at which the Spanish-speaking population grows, faster than any other, you may have to hablar español sooner or después. Remember that you can always come to La Antigua Guatemala to take Spanish classes in the more than 65 Spanish Schools available in this tiny colonial town.

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