First Güisquil from Orchard

First Güisquil from Orchard

I present to you the first güisquil, also known as chayote or perulero, from our back yard orchard. Güisquiles are such an integral part of the Guatemalan diet that sometimes you find it in the most unusual dishes. Güisquiles are also very important vegetable from the milpa crop as mentioned by Charles C. Mann in his book 1491.

You can find güisquiles in caldos, in Guatemalan chilaquiles, which basically are two slices of güisquil with a piece of cheese between the slices and then wrapped with egg batter and fried. Boy, just about now, this first güisquil, perulero-type, is looking very tasty. 😉

What other dishes which include güisquil can you think of?

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