What in the World is a Búcaro?

What in the World is a Búcaro?

Many times, when foreigners are looking at listings for houses or apartments for rent or sale in La Antigua Guatemala, they come across the word búcaro; which is a full stop and they simply roll their eyes. Their online live Spanish tutor did not prepare them for obscure and archaic architectonic terms; at this moment they pull out their cuaderno (notebook) and add the word to the list of things to ask the Spanish tutor in the next session.

Well, if you can not wait until your next Spanish-language class, let me tell you that a búcaro is half fountain normally embedded in a wall, normally near an inside patio, but it can be anywhere. You know, I am thinking that since búcaros can be found at just about all the restaurants and bars in La Antigua Guatemala, I might as well add búcaros to my list of things to photograph and publish as a series. Certainly, you remember the búcaro inside the Burger King restaurant, back in April 10th, 2007, right? If not, go check it out and might as well check out a garden búcaro through a fish tank.

Now, what other búcaros do you guys recommend for the upcoming búcaro series?

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