Casa Antigüeña: The Corridor

Casa Antigüeña: The Corridor

Casas antigüeñas normally have at least one corridor or hallway, usually next to the garden and fountain. Omnipresent are the terra cotta floor tiles and wood beans and columns.

Now Stephanie asked how typical is the house that will be shown in the Casa antigüeña series on the first entry. Good question. Well the house is not for the middle class, it is a rather a house for expats or wealthy Guatemalans since it’s located in a very exclusive colonia (neighborhood). Nevertheless, just about all the elements of the house that would be shown are emblematic of the Casa Antigüeña, which by its very definition is for the wealthy. The only middle-class or poor people who still own a house in La Antigua Guatemala do it mostly through inheritance. No poor of middle-class Guatemalan can afford the real estate prices of La Antigua Guatemala. 🙁

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