Guatemalan Bread Sampler: Name the Bread

Guatemalan Bread Sampler

Details, details, details.

To celebrate the first anniversary of AntiguaDailyPhoto on May 1st, 2007, I published a sampler photo of sweet bread from Guatemala which included tortas, cubiletes, champurradas, cemitas and other such goodies. The Guatemalan sweet bread sampler was a hit and still remains among the most visited and commented of the over 1,057 pages.

Around the time, I learnt that our good friend Manolo was having a hard time finding champurradas (a sort flat, tortilla-like sweet bread, similar to a cookie) in Toronto. Other Guatemalans echoed his complains about not finding good Guatemalan bread in the U.S.

Now since we have been talking about details, don’t you think it would make a lovely detail to ship some Guatemalan sweets to your sweetheart, friend, mother, sisters, brothers, et-cetera?

Now, here are the rules for the game. The first person who can name all the Guatemalan bread pieces in the photo above and leave the names in the comments will receive this photo via regular mail from La Antigua Guatemala. Everyone is welcome to participate!

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