Guatemalan Fruit: Caimito

Guatemalan Fruit: Caimito

I tell you, those Costa Ricans have no shame. First they made the entire world believe that Central America was them. Then, they passed some funky and colorful looking bird as Guatemala’s own Quetzal. Costa Ricans are now working in their coffee campaign and trying very hard to convince the world about the high quality of their coffee. Come on, have some shame, everybody knows the best coffee in the entire world is from Guatemala. 😉

Last Saturday I received three notes via email from the New York Times in which they implied that Costa Rica was the only ecological, cloud and tropical forest vacation destination in Central America. Come on, I am sure the entire country of Costa Rica fits inside our exuberant-lush-green El Petén department, in northern Guatemala. Anyone can have the same adventures in the jungles of Costa Rica as in the jungles of El Petén, except in El Petén they can also have the majestic and awe-inspiring experience of visiting the lost world and the birth cradle of the Maya Civilization. That’s right folks, the same jungle adventures plus the Mayan ruins of the most powerful and advance civilization of the American Continent.

I can understand how people can be confused with all the money the Costa Ricans spend in promoting their country.

However, I draw the line when they want to pass the caimito zapote (star apple) as a Costa Rican tropical fruit. Come on, have some shame… that’s it, we have to draw the line somewhere.

Everybody knows the caimito is from Guatemala, right? 😉

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