Jeanfer is Free and Happy

Jeanfer is Free and Happy

I am glad to report the good news that Jean Ramses Anleu Fernández, better known as @jeanfer is free and happy since the case against him was found to be without merits. Some of you may recall that back on May 14th I brought you the sad news that Jeanfer was being arrested and fined Q50,000/$6250 over a single tweet update of indignation.

Back in 2007, I posted about the Six Degrees of Separation I had experienced through the AntiguaDailyPhoto. More recently, Ivan Mendoza mentioned that here in Guatemala only Three Degrees Separation applies since you don’t need too many links to get to know everyone. How true that turned out to be since after the infamous incident with Jeanfer, I actually got to know him personally and was lucky enough to take some photos of him in two separate occasions; one of them right here in La Antigua Guatemala.

Last Saturday, 4th of July, Independence Day weekend, I recognized Jean Ramses Anleu Fernández, the mild-mannered, book-loving, code-writing geek as Xeni Jardin calls him, reading a couple of books on one of the benches in the Parque Central of La Antigua Guatemala. Below, two of the series of photographs I took of Jeanfer while we talk about politics, democracy, freedom of speech and the realty in Guatemala.

I am in a very good mood to know he’s free and the charges have been dropped because the lack merits. I am also delighted that I have been so lucky to have captured him with a big smile on his face.

What do you think of these portraits of Jeanfer?

Jeanfer enjoying his "Libertad" in La Antigua Guatemala Jeanfer enjoying his freedom in La Antigua Guatemala

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