Yuca, cassava or manioc, Anyone, Anyone?

Yuca, cassava or manioc, Anyone, Anyone?

Yuca, also known as cassava or manioc, is root widely consumed in Latin America and Guatemala is not the exception. You can yuca (you-kah) in caldos, in soups, in recados, fried, boiled, mashed, as yuca chips (similar to potato chips). Yuca is sold as snack with portion costing a mere Q2/$0.24 topped with tomato sauce and chile. In the old days, yuca was sold with tomato sauce and anchovies or chicharrón.

In the picture above, you can appreciate what Q4 of yuca looks like and topped with a green avocado and chile sauce.

When was the last time you had yuca and how it was served?

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