A dance of fire and joy

A flash attack to the show

Tuesday the 13th, a day of much superstition, was the day of the a fundraising event at JP’s Rumbar for the non-government organization Niños de Guatemala. Perhaps, many people thought of it as a very unlucky day, yet, no one that attended the activity thought so. It was crowded!

La Raíz played, candles lit the bar, and it was a lovely musical atmosphere. Moments later a dance of fire lit up the bar with an outstanding show. Laura McNamara was asked to be part of it, and little did we know, that even a lap dance of fire was in order. Nothing else, but just a dance of light, flashes popped in an effort to try to capture the dancer and the gorgeous volunteer. Some cameras perhaps worked, some perhaps didn’t. The music kept on playing. The fire left trails of light. Through the light smiles could be seen. I was sensing lots of a joy from all the people present.

It was a good cause, and JP’s Rumbar gave 33% of proceeds to NGO Niños de Guatemala.

Can anyone say that you can’t have a fun and joyful night and the same time help a good cause? ¡Sí se puede!

text and photos by Arturo Godoy

JP's Rumbar and Niños de Guatemala JP's Rumbar and Niños de Guatemala

A show of fire Painting the night with fire A lapdance on fire

Part of the whole gang La Raíz

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