Guatemalan Cuisine: Loroco and Cheese Pupusas

Loroco and Cheese Pupusas

First of all, my apologies to all those masochist Guatemalans who live abroad and visit this humble site to get their daily nostalgic capsule.

Loroco is the green flower you see on top of the pupusa above, which I call Mayan pizza because is made from corn dough and cheese. Pupusas are normally top with other ingredients like chicharrones, beans, chorizo (red sausage), et cetera.

Loroco is a seasonal delicacy which can be found mostly in Chiapas, Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador.

My favorite loroco recipe is Pollo en crema con loroco, Chicken with cream sauce and loroco. It is simply delicious beyond words.

I can not explain the taste and flavor of loroco; Can somebody else help explain the flavor of loroco?

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