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Before you think of the largest pyramid in the world and the Mayan ruins complex known as El Mirador, El Petén, this is El Mirador farm located in San Martín Jilotepeque. We ended up there after a talk I gave on basic photography. The members of the Casa de la Cultura, House of Culture, invited me to give a talk about my passion, how could I resist? So, we covered basic theory and practice came after lunch. Little I knew of where we would go; to take photos however new locations are always welcome.

Lunch had been programed at the Granja El Mirador, it was a delicious Caldo de Gallina Criolla. While we ate, Don Meme talked to us about the farm, which is a very interesting integrated farming system, totally self-sustainable. Although the most important aspect of the farm is its social outreach, which as Don Meme said, “there is no point in the technicalities of conserving anything without a strong social component.” Don’t you agree? Because of this, often they are visited by national and international visitors to learn about the family farm.

If you would like to visit them or to learn more about their social outreach, you can write to them at manuelhuz@hotmail.com and nazariohuz@gmail.com. There are a few more photos below to entice you to pay them a visit. Enjoy!

text and photos by Arturo Godoy. Check out Arturo’s portfolio to purchase photos from his massive photographic bank.

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