Cosmopolitan Antigua Guatemala

Russian Beer and Shorma Kebab Pita

Recently, in Living La Vida Digital in Antigua Guatemala, I mentioned how cosmopolitan La Antigua Guatemala really is while showing a Philly cheese steak sandwich, French-style vegetable chips and German-style coleslaw. Well, today, I continue showing our Cosmopolitan Antigua Guatemala with a lunch that included Russian beer Baltika 9, shorma kebab pita sandwich, with three curry sauces. A lunch like the above can set you back Q50/$6.25. You can have this lunch at Toko restaurant near 6a calle poniete and 6a avenida sur (see it at Foursquare). That’s right, Antigua Guatemala also does Foursquare.

Do you think cosmopolitan is a good adjective for Antigua Guatemala?

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