Guatemalan Cuisine: Sancocho

Guatemalan Cuisine: Sancocho

First of all, I am going to request the help of my dear epistolary friends Erin and Manolo for this entry. Erin can help explain how this meal is prepared and perhaps some background information about gallina criolla and tips. Manolo can really explain in full detail the implications of Criollo and La patria del criollo.

As some of you know, I can take the most innocent and harmless photograph and turn it into a deep thought provoking image. Take today’s photo as an example, a simple photo of caldo de res y gallina criolla, beef and hen stock-stew. That’s right that’s what Sancocho is, a simple caldo de res y gallina criolla (domestic fowl). If Erin and Monolo come through, we will end up with a thought provoking entry for sure.

Let’s wait and see… Come on guys we’re waiting. 😉

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