Guatemalan Ceviche Mixto: Concha y Camarón

Guatemalan Ceviche Mixto: Concha y Camarón

The best Guatemalan ceviche has to be ceviche of concha and camarón. Concha is sort of a shell clam known in Mexico as “Almeja pata de mula” which is sort of a mixture between clam and oyster plus dark ink (blood).

Camarones are, of course, shrimps. Mix conchas and camarones with diced plum tomatoes, chopped onion, yerba buena (mint), culantro (cilantro) and chiles, all cooked and marinated with lemon juice (limón or lime) you have the authentic Guatemalan ceviche. Guatemalan ceviche is normally served along with soda crackers and/or tamalitos and always goes well with a cold Guatemalan beer.

Bon appetite!

How do you prepare your Guatemalan ceviche?

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