New Gardens in San Pedro Las Huertas

New Gardens in San Pedro Las Huertas by Rudy Girón

In the nine years that I have been living around La Antigua Guatemala I had never seen so much work being done by a municipal administration as with the current City Hall government, especially around the villages which historically are always forgotten in favor of Antigua Guatemala. That’s three different mayors.

Although I did voted for Dr. Adolfo Vivar, the current Mayor, I am happy to say I am glad my vote did interfere with him getting elected. In fact, I am now sure that if my candidate had won it would had been bad for La Antigua Guatemala. I would never put mis manos al fuego (my hands on fire) for any politician, but I have no trouble admitting I casted my vote the wrong way. Neither I have issues with pointing out that someone is doing a good job or the opposite.

I have mentioned already a few times how impress I am with all the work being done by the current administration, so I felt validated in my perception when I heard Elizabeth Bell mentioned that the current mayor is the best one she’s seen in 40 plus years. Elizabeth Bell is the person behind Elizabeth Bell“>Antigua Tours and a very vocal member of the citizen watchdog group Salvemos Antigua, an organization working hard and trying to save the city.

Of course the current administration also has its detractors and be sure I will let you about them like I have done in the past with Market Marchers Manifestation, New Closing Time City Ordinances and Antigua’s New Parking Fees Explained, just to name a few articles.

Every time I see my taxes hard at work esbozo una sonrisa, I smily faintly! Wouldn’t you?

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