Guatemalan Cuisine: Frijoles blancos

Guatemalan Cuisine: Frijoles blancos con espinazo by Rudy Girón

Frijoles Blancos, white beans, are another classic staple of the gastronomy of Guatemala. Frijoles blancos are often prepared with espinazo (spine) costilla (ribs), carne cerdo (pork chops), chicharrones (pork rinds), tocino (bacon) and longanizas (Guatemalan white sausages), just to name a few meats. Frijoles blancos can be found in a red or white presentation, depending if a tomato is added to the dish.

Here are three recipes in Spanish for Frijoles blancos:

Who would like to share their recipe in English for the rest of us, anyone, Erin, anyone? 😉

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