Antigua’s Photo Club Coffee Exhibition

Antigua's Photo Club Coffee Exhibition by Rudy Girón

Saturday, September 25, 2010 was the successful inauguration of the photo exhibition “Con sabor y aroma a café” by the members of the Club Fotográfico de Antigua. This is the second photo exhibit by Antigua’s Photo Club in less than a year. The first exhibition was held las November 2009 at Las Capuchinas ruins.

In many respects, the Con sabor y aroma a café exhibit was a major improvement in comparison with last year exhibition. For one, the exhibit had one central theme: Coffee. Secondly, the printing and matte mounting were of higher quality. Third, the photographs are being exhibited in a real coffee mill (beneficio de café) which adds a true coffee ambience to the show. Fourth, more people were involved in the process of setting up the photo exhibition. Lastly, on opening day five photographs were purchased.

If you are or will be in La Antigua Guatemala next week, don’t miss the chance to stop by Finca Filadelfia to check out and support the photo club through the purchase of high quality photographs.

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