It’s Coffee Time!

It's Coffee Time!

In La Antigua Guatemala we are so lucky to be able to get excellent coffee just about everywhere. Cafetenango in Finca Filadelfia is such a place where one can drink an amazing coffee grown, harvested, dried and roasted in the premises. At Cafetenango there are baristas on site who like to draw all kinds of figures over the milk foam. I really like the views available from Cafetenango with all three volcanoes, Agua, Fuego and Acatenango, breaking away from La Antigua’s skyline. If you come to Finca Filadelfia for the Antigua Canopy Tours, make sure you make time for coffee; you won’t regret it. 😉

Coffee Time: Latté


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  • Loooooooove coffee, ;O) Someone once said that you should drink coffee as its letters in Spanish, café: Caliente, Amargo, Fuerte, Espeso… ;O) And, yes, coffee there is amazing!!!!!!!!!! ;O) ;O) ;O)

  • Good morning and salud! Nothing better that a cup of good Guatemalan coffee to start the day.

  • Love It!!! everything about it. I like the pic. i can smell the coffee.

  • Guatemalan coffee mmmmm. The best.

  • Eric

    Send me some now !! Por favor !!! Mmmmmm…

  • @Eric: for good Guatemalan coffee in the US, you could try Alakef

  • Eric

    @ Erin – Muchas Gracias, pero … it’s just not the same without the bright colors, the beautiful ladies who make the coffee, and the smell of fresh tortillas in the air. I will try your suggestion, I can find it if I really try, pero… no es la misma!

  • Indeed Eric, I know exactly what you mean! I live in a beautiful place surrounded by pine trees and well manicured gardens; however, no smells, no colors, no kids playing outside, no nothing… and how much I miss the something!

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