40th Anniversary of the National Council for the Protection of Antigua

40 Aniversario CNPAG_01_800

The wonderful celebration of the 40th Anniversary of the National Council for the Protection of Antigua was held on Nov 20th at Capuchinas ruins. The evening began with warm words on behalf of different members of the Council. They covered the history of the Council and also included words for the future.

Unfortunately I arrived late to listen to all the words, but you could see the smiles on many people that were present. Everyone payed attention, and of course, how couldn’t you, Antigua is what it is because there is people that truly care to keep this City as it is.

And, as if words were not enough, the Procurador de Derechos Humanos and other public figures were present. The words of Dr. Sergio Fernando Morales provided an even more warming atmosphere, talking about our challenges, our opportunities and of course our future as Guatemalans.

The Orquesta Sin Fronteras amused the night even more. People were hypnotized, as I simply tried to focus on working my camara to capture the moments. It was amazing, great music, great choreography, all combined with great lights.

The evening was just perfect, it was a tribute to Antigua itself, by people that just love it.


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  • @Arturo, what wonderful images you share with us. I really like the feel and colors of the main photograph; normally, I dislike distortion, but you did a very creative job at encapsulating the entire cloister. Excellent!

  • A great photo of a fantastic setting! What a place!

  • @Rudy, thank you very much indeed!!! ;O) ;O) ;O)

    @Leif, thank you very much… Yes, Capuchinas is just stunning!!!! ;O) ;O) ;O)

  • Oh man! We were in the house, but got there too early, i.e on time. Ended up going somewhere else. Anyway- great shots!

  • @Braaad, thank you very much!!!!!!!!!! Next time, I’ll remind you, ;O) ;O) ;O)

  • The light is captivating in the main photo as well as most of the others. And, I agree with Rudy, the distortion on this photo enhances it. Nice capture!

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