La Cocina del Obispo

Subanik from La Cocina del Obispo

La Cocina del Obispo Restaurant is located in San Juan del Obispo, perhaps a 10 minute drive from La Antigua Guatemala. The restaurant is family owned and opens only on the weekends. You’d be amazed on the variety of food.

Anyway, this time I went with Lomi Kriel and Norman Ávila. Rudy was supposed to join us, but he cancelled. Lomi had the Pepián, which by the way they even have been awarded a first prize for the best Pepián in Antigua Guatemala! Norman had a Churrasco chapín (Guatemalan barbecue grill) and I had Subanik; a classic dish from Las Verapaces. All food is fabulous there; the prices are excellent and the atmosphere is just amazing. I wish Rudy would have been there, he is a far better food photographer than I am; anyway, here is my attempt at joining the food photos with a portrait of each of my friends 🙂

The conversations were just great, we even talked about gadgets, geeks, history, and even beer 🙂

A bit later on, I’ll tell you about the other times I have been there. I just have to look up the photos in my external hard drives.

text and photos by Arturo Godoy.

Portrait of Lomi Kriel Pepián from La Cocina del Obispo

Churrasquito from La Cocina del Obispo Portrait of Norman Ávila by Arturo Godoy

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