Flowers for Día del Cariño

Guateflora: Corazón Chino or Anturios by Rudy Girón

The price of flowers goes up exponentially around certain dates like Valentine’s Day or Mother’s Day, just to name a few.

A dozen roses is selling for Q60/$7.50 right now, while the normal price at the market goes from Q20/$2.50 to Q35/$4.50 for a dozen roses, depending on the quality and whether one is a regular costumer or not. For instance, a co-worker at the office buys two dozen roses every week for Q35/$4.50; he always gets this special price because he’s regular customer.

Of course, all flowers get a price hike, but certainly roses are the most affected since most people want to give roses for el Día del cariño.

In Guatemala Valentine’s Day has a much wider meaning since Día del cariño, Day of affection or caring, is about celebrating all the different manifestations of love and caring.

What better way to send my best wishes for Día del cariño and Valentine’s Day to all of you than to share a Corazón chino, Chinese heart, flower which are native of the wet tropical mountain forest of Central America and South America regardless of its popular name. The Anturios or Anthurium is the scientific name.

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