Independence Day?

Colors under the rain by Arturo Godoy

Guatemala has many traditions that have remained until now and will hopefully remain for centuries to come. One, as you already know are the rich colors found in foods, landscapes, nature, textiles, walls, etc., and even in ideas.

Have you heard of Incaparina? It was invented by a Guatemalan to fight malnutrition. The words that make up the name Incaparina come from “INCAP” and “harina” (flour), as the Guatemalan researcher was working at INCAP. Incaparina still exists, and other nutritional foods have been invented as well, but no one like its Incaparina.

In different ways, even politics are involved in different levels in what I tried to convey above. Yesterday was Guatemala’s Independence Day. Do you know what other countries celebrate their Independence on this same day? Which countries do you know that have other dates to be considered as their “true” Independence Day? When do you think should Guatemala’s true Independence be celebrated?

Anyway, do you consider your home country to be truly independent?

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