The Best Cup of Coffee in Antigua Guatemala

Cappuccino from Tretto Caffé

Top restaurants according to TripadvisorInteresting enough I had visited Hector’s and Tretto Caffé within the last week and I had uploaded yesterday’s and today’s photos to my online repository, so when I came across the top restaurants list according to TripAdvisor I knew I had to show you a sample of each place. I am sure I also have a photo of The Refuge Coffee bar, but these two photos I had just taken.

Tretto Caffé is own and run by a very young barista with a passion for the ultimate cup of coffee. If you want your coffee right away and Tretto Caffé is not for you. On the other hand, if you’re looking for the best cup of coffee in Antigua Guatemala to learn more about the gourmet coffees grown in Guatemala, then Tretto is your best choice. You can find Tretto Caffé on the second floor of El Jaulón building in the northeast corner. If you have already visited this amazing coffee shop, please, share with us your impressions.

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