Who knows what the dead want?

Fiambre For the Dead by Rudy Giron - www.rudygiron.com

Well, it looks like the Guatemalan fiambre is taking off as it’s being covered by publications abroad such as Saveur Magazine. Here’s the teaser for you to read the complete article about the Guatemalan fiambre.

Fiambre, which means “served cold,” is eaten only in Guatemala, only on All Saints’ Day. Though its origins are murky, according to chef Mirciny Moliviatis, an expert on Guatemalan cuisine, as families took dozens of little dishes to the cemetery, over time they got mixed together, resulting in this easier-to-carry creation. Variations include fiambre blanco, white with cabbage; beet-laden fiambre rojo; and vegetarian fiambre verde. Other than that, fiambre can contain anything from baby corn to beef tongue. With 50 or so ingredients, it can take days to prepare…

… “Who knows what the dead want?” she told me. “With fiambre, they can pick their favorite things.”

Continue reading the entire article Saintly Salad: Guatemalan Fiambre at Saveur Magazine.

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