Norman Ávila, The Guatemalan Weather and Geo-location Guru

Rudy Giron: Portraits &emdash; Portrait of Norman Ávila

Here’s another dramatic portrait for the newly created Portrait category. As always, follow the white rabbit to look at the other entries on Portrait series. By the way, Norman’s portrait was taken a few minutes before the portrait of Melody the Mennonite; the first portrait on the series.

I met Norman a few years ago through AntiguaDailyPhoto as he was intrigued that I was putting out weather reports from Antigua Guatemala and since he knew there were no weather stations that he knew of and he wanted to know from where I was getting the weather reports. I was getting the reports from the Aurora International Airport metar reports because I figure the reports were pretty close to the conditions of Antigua Guatemala since we are only 40 miles away by road and literally a hop over a mountain range. Anyhow, we became very good friends after that and I introduced him to the geek squad meetings in Guatemala City or Antigua Guatemala he was just a natural (that’s my polite way saying he’s just as nerd as we are).

Norman has even donated a weather station for Antigua Guatemala, but Nelo Mijangos has it and does not want to give it back (hostage situation you may label it). I promise that I will make my best effort to take back the weather station so we can have real-time reports directly from Antigua Guatemala.

You can follow Norman Avila’s work on the weather, geo-location and seismic activity at, his sandbox on the web.

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